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The best six web browsers in 2016


browsersBrowses are the only route to get connected to the internet via your personal computers, handheld devices and android devices. Hence online activities including security on the internet depends largely on the status and settings of your chosen browser. Personal computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets all come with a browser. This review takes a look at Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Comparison of browser technologies could be based on memory usage, battery life consumption, scalability and speed.



Opera recently announced anew version of opera browser for Windows and MacOS would include enhanced low-power mode that would improve battery life by 50 percent. With Opera introducing in-built advert blocker and completely free VPN service within which offers unlimited use and good speed, it presents opera in the forefront of reliable browsers in 2016.


Browsers have been rated with Google Chrome as the most used browser which accounts for over half of web traffic, then comes Safari. Internet Explorer comes third and Firefox as the fourth in the sequence. This browser performance rating is based on how each of the browsers suck battery life and not popularity based on perception.

Other rating parameters for browsers could be based on speed and features. However, Google, Mozilla, Microsoft and Apple upgrade their browsers continually, and this has made comparison to be a relative exercise. These top browsers offer relatively good performance and compatibility. They all offer to save user passwords in a carved out cache hence a drive to scale up performance. Most browsers sync user data, favourites and tabs between multiple computers thus present devices with ability to grab your phone and carry on reading where you left off on your laptop or personal computers. Microsoft browser shows a level of reluctance in this area.

Top six browsers in discourse support extensions and add-ons. With browser add-ons you can enable specific features, shortcuts and widgets, to the originally installed browser. With these ever increasing add-ons enhanced features are continually introduced to browsers. Browser extensions have recently become yardstick for choice of browsers for scalability and better job performance.

Relative comparison of six popular browsers have been tabulated below based on browser main features and capabilities.


 Features Chrome Firefox IE Safari Edge Opera
Cloud sync Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Download manager Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Private browsing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full-screen mode Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Tabs on the side Yes Yes (with add-on) No No No Yes
Custom extensions Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Windows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mac OS Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Linux Yes Yes No No No Yes
Android Yes Yes No No No Yes
iOS Yes Yes No Yes No Yes
Windows phone No No Yes No Yes (Windows 10) Yes
Engine WebKit Gecko Trident WebKit EdgeHTML Webkit
Javascript engine V8 TraceMonkey Chakra Nitro Chakra Carakan
Open source Yes Yes No No No No