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USSD codes to borrow call credit MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT

The airtime once received, can be used on any billable activity on the network regardless of whether it is voice, data or a Value Added Service

We are now in the time of borrowing airtime easily from all networks without paying a dine.. One good thing about it is that it saves One from low airtime when an urgent call is needed..

How to borrow airtime from MTN

Customers can access MTN XtraTime by dialling *606#.

The following Menu will then be displayed:

1.  Check Eligibility Status

2.  Request for XtraTime

3.  Check XtraTime Balance

4.  XtraTime Transaction History

5.  AboutXtraTime


How to borrow airtime from GLO

With Glo Borrow Me Credit customers can get extra call credit when they exhaust their call credits for Prepaid Customers. To access this service, the customer is required to request through the short code *321#, which will provide the customer the amounts

qualified for. To borrow specific amounts the following codes apply:

*321*50# for N50,

*321*100# for N100,

*321*200# for N200,

*321*500# for N500

*321*1000# for N1000


How to borrow airtime from Airtel

To borrow airtime from Airtel dial *500*amount# as seen below.

*500*50# for N50,

*500*100# for N100,

*500*200# for N200,

*500*500# for N500

*500*1000# for N1000


How to borrow airtime from Etisalat

Airtime can be borrowed from ETISALAT by dialing *665*amount# or dial *665# and follow the instructions.

How to check phone number on Nigerian telephone networks

I wrote this article after a little research on getting the codes to fetch a number on any phone line in Nigeria; be it MTN, globacom, Etisalat or airtel. Having forgotten my MTN cell number once made me feel less human at a critical point I needed it. I had to work on how to find the phone number of any network as I am convinced that knowing these short codes to check your Phone number on Nigerian telecommunications networks would save a friend from a critical condition someday.
The information on how to check any phone number with codes is documented below.

Airtel Nigeria

The short code to check and know your mobile phone number on Airtel is *121#

After dialing the code, follow the onscreen instruction:
Select 1, and send for My Account option.
On the next screen that comes up, select 1 and send as My Number option.
Your phone number will be displayed to you on the screen.

MTN Nigeria

Dial *123# and follow onscreen process that follows. Respond with option 1, then send to select My tools option. Then select option 5 in My Tools to request My Number. This will display your phone number on the screen.

GLO Nigeria

Dial 1244 on any globacomm line and to listen to the voice prompt that would announce the phone number.

Etisalat Nigeria

On Etisalat line, dial *248# and your number will be displayed.